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Direct guidance from 5-time 
national Emmy winners

Direct guidance from 5-time national Emmy winners


Exactly what filmmakers who took 
this call said about the experience

Got the technical side down but want to become remarkable?

Want to get repeat work you can repeatedly bank on?

“Through this mentorship, I've raised the budget on my projects, while making my last pitches the easiest sales of my life. Single projects are now looking like repeat clients for life. I'm staring down the barrel of 5-6 projects per client from here out"


Get a team working with and for you on your next best projects.

“I'm armed with real world strategies instantly. They won't just help you grow your business... they'll help you elevate your entire approach to life. So it's definitely the best investment we've made this far”


Got the technical side down but want to become remarkable?

The NEXT step if you've got the technical side nailed, but want to grow bigger.

“I've gotten good & can make pretty things. I can do it predictably, and while everything is great, my films aren't always compelling. I recognized that as being one of my biggest stumbling blocks and I'm working with the team to fix it for good."


Ready to go beyond average and create the remarkable for your clients?

“By using a simple, proven process, you  accomplish more than you could possibly imagine. And do it faster than you could possibly imagine. For filmmakers, Muse is an 
absolute  game-changer.”


ALL the ways this assessment call transforms your trajectory as a filmmaker

Career Vision

What waking up to freedom with soul-fueled projects looks like - and how to never be just a "tripod" again. 

Story Mastery

Uncover what's holding you back from telling the story you start out with, yet never see come to fruition. 

Packaging & Pitching

Solidify your offer, charge more and feel worth it, and build repeat work and retainers into your life as a business owner. 

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© 2023 Muse Storytelling, 2023
© 2023 Muse Storytelling, 2023